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Patient FAQ’s

The Doctors at TSO Kingwood want to make sure that you receive all of the information that you need to make educated decisions about your eye health. We are always available to answer your questions.

Dr. Pham answers frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wear contacts when I’m swimming?

A. No. The Food and Drug Administration recommends not wearing or exposing contacts to any form of water. Water contains microorganisms, such as Acanthamoeba and other bacteria that can cause serious eye infections and potentially vision loss. These microorganism can attach to the contact lens which swells when exposed to water causing micro breaks on the cornea’s surface allowing the microorganisms to penetrate the cornea.

Q. Why shouldn’t I buy my eye wear over the internet?

A. Glasses should be custom fitted for prescription needs and comfort. We ensure our frames and lenses meet quality and safety standards to protect the eyes. About half of the glasses purchased online do not meet prescription compliance and impact resistance. The buyer may not be aware that with certain prescriptions the frame must allow a specific minimum amount of room to accommodate the full prescription. Our trained opticians help you select the appropriate frame for your prescription, face shape, and lifestyle. We accurately measure pupillary distance (PD) with Optikam on your selected frames once they have been adjusted for comfort. Most websites do not accept vision insurance, offer protection plans, or warrantees. Here at our office we guarantee the quality of our products, offer extended protection plans, and maximize your insurance benefits with our trained professionals.